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Sale 5 Shapely Freezes $599 w/Free skin tightening

No Walk Ins for NC or TX Spa for Sat or Sun 7/14 or 7/15*By Appointment Only

We are accepting Walk-Ins for the NC Spa Only. Walk-Ins are for Shapey Freezes purchases only. If you desire a Consultation you may text me a Photo of the area or we can do a video chat by FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Line. We do NOT accept walk-in Consultations for the TX or NC Spa. Text your photo area to (919)-525-7900


All Clients please text (919)-525-7900 for the next available appointment.

Please Include:

  • First and last name 
  • Email Address
  • State location NC or TX because we have 2 location. 

If you call please leave a message we may be with other clients but will return your call as soon as we finish up with the previous client or you may Texting us which is the faster


We try to respond immediately but we try to  return all messages by end of business day or within 24 hours.

  • Promotional Sale Ending Soon! Buy 10 Shapely Freezes for $1199 w/FREE Perm Skin Tightening Lipo-Deep, Book-n-Buy DIRECTLY from us to get this sale. Benefits buying directly you get more time on the machine which render more results., In addition receive Free fat melting, and  Free Lipo lasers to render even more results. With this option you may receive treatments in 2 different appointments. 

  • Sale Book-n-Buy with us directly DOUBLE CHIN FREEZE (2 AREAS) $399 w/FREE Skin Tightening
  • Sale Book-n-Buy with us directly 1 Shapely FatFreeze $229 w.FREE Skin  Skin Tightening .
  • Sale Book-n-Buy with us directly Buy 2 Shapley Freezes $429 w FREE/Skin Tightening. 
  • Sale Book-n-Buy twith us directly Buy 3 Shapley Freezes $499 w FREE/Skin Tightening.
  • Sale Book-n-Buy with us directly Buy 5 Shapely Freezes $599 w/FREE Skin Tightening


Appointment Reminders & Expectations:

  1. What to expect  from your freeze treatment. You will feel cold from the freezes, heat from the RF/Cav. Pulling from the vacuum freeze (like a suction). Maybe a little stinging from the cold but we will continue to apply the Arnicare until the stinging from the cold but it will disappear or the area becomes numb. This is perfectly normal and will go away in about 5-10 mins, everyone does not feel stinging, everybody body and skin is different. But there is absolutely No Pain.
  2. This is a One Time Freeze Treatment unless you have bought a larger package for future use, Example if you bought 1 area and we Freeze that 1 area, there are no other treatements remaining unless you choose to purchase another freeze package in the future.
  3. Enlarged, Extra Fatty or Hanging or stretched  or strechmarked Skin Policy  If anyone of these areas mentioned above are very large, hardened with condensed with stubborn fat, stretched skin with stretch marks whether is due to having children or not, you will probably need more than one treatment to notice the improvements. You are welcome to buy one of our larger  packages please scroll down to the next section past the before and after photos to view. 
  4. Please come with Reasonable Expectations in mind, Please do not send us photos of who you would like to look like because everybody body makeup is different. Please do NOT send us a photo of when you were 15 and now your are 55, we can not go back in history but we will do the best to make you look great for the future and reduce as much fat as we can in a 1 hour session. For something that dramatic of a change you would need to consult with an plastic surgeon.  Unfortunately we can not make your body look like the Kardashians, JLO, or Beyonce but when you are in our Spa, we treat you Like a Celebrity, regardless you will always be our  Shapely Freeze STAR. 
  5. We Do Not Guarantee Weight Loss but if you work out and diet with a new lifestyle change in mind, then our Shapely freezes will help you to reduce more fat in those freeze areas. 
  6. Please check with your Dr. before you  consent to any type of treatment, if you are not sure if our treatment will work because of a condition you may have, again please Consult with your physician first.
  7. If you purchased a Groupon please bring a copy your Groupon Voucher and Picture ID  to your appointment.
  8. We will make a copy of your Current Photo ID, this documentation is needed at your appointment to combat Identiy theft and Credit Card Fraud. In addition we need this documentation for security and safety reasons.
  9. For all the Promotional Sales Book Directly with us, you will receive free Skin Tightening and Fat Melting Services Free of Charge.
  10. Payment Options Below Please Scroll Down.
  11. Arnicare (skin protectant you may purchase at any pharmacy for $5 - $10  bucks). Note: In order to keep our fatfreeze prices low please bring with you Arnicare to your appointment. This is to help out with bruising. plus it is a great analgesic gel as well. You may purchase this gel at any pharmacy. We use the Arnicare before your fat freeze and you will use the Arnicare at home for after care, continue to use it up to 3 to 4 days. 3-4 times a day regardless if bruising is present or not. 
  12. Same Day Results are NOT Guaranteed but results will happen and continue up to 6 months. If you are not the patient type, then maybe this is not the right treatment for you, this treatment requires patience.
  13. Shapely Body do have plenty information on the website to enhance your knowledge and to help you make an informed decision on the Freeze procedure, what to expect. Please do your own research before making appointment because we do not issue refunds after your treatment has been initiated your funds are (Non-Refundable). This information will be reiterated on your disclosure that you will sign to give us for consent for treatment. 
  14. Please remember everyone results will vary, depending on skin type, the stubbornness or thickness of the body fat in that area, body makeup, and hereditary genes. Some of out clients Same Day Results Amazes us as well but Same Day Results Do Not Happen for everyone because everybody body makeup is different. This treatment requires patience but results will come sometimes the next day or even 1-2 months later for those who do not get Same Day Results. One thing you must Know our Staff will work hard  for you.
  15. New Policy for Before and After Photos.  Due to Time Restaints and because we are getting so  many request for Before and Photos, Photos will no longer be available the same day. Before and After Photos will be texted out 1 -2 weeks later or more. In order to get your before and after results The Customer would need to take a new photo of the freeze areas after a week has passed and text it to us at (919)-525-7900. I will compare the photos for your updated Freeze results and text them to you.  If you did receive Same Day Results I will text those to you at that time as well. We no longer text before and after photos out the same day. 
  16. Please remember befoere and after your appointment to drink plenty of water, Diet & Work Out to make your results more Profound. Our Motto "Machine Works takes Team Work"  This is your investment in your body so make your investment work for you! 
  17. Please be aware if the area is thicken and stubborn with fat, then you will require more than one Shapely Freeze treatment to break up the fat cells, Please see our bigger packages in order to save money.

Bullying and Harrasment will not be Tolerated 

Appointment Very Important Reminders: 

Before you book your appointment please remember NO TRESPASSING or Harassment, or Bullying  from PAWN REPRESENATIVES from other Fat Freeze Companies, NO SOLICITATION, & NO BARTERING ALLOWED. We have equipped each office with SECURITY CCTV CAMERAS for our safety, for the safety of our staff, and for security purposes. This is why all IDs are required before any services are rendered Sorry No Exceptions. 

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Anyone at Anytime for Any Reason. 

(This policy is Strictly & Legally Enforced).

Booking Directly with Shapely Body: Membership, Booking, and Payment Options

You may join our site for free to view our Discounted FatFreeze Prices. 

There are 3 ways to Book-n-Buy

  1. 1st Option :  Do it yourself option. You may request free membership access below to Book-n-Buy your Shapely Fat Freeze online.  PLEASE NOTE: Once we email your MEMBERSHIP LINK, DO NOT DELETE OR SHARE YOUR LINK. YOU WILL NEED  TO CLICK THIS LINK EVERYTIME YOU LOGIN. 
  2. 2nd Option:    We Book the appointment for you and email the Invoice to pay. Please text us at (919)-525-7900 include your first and last name, State you live in TX or NC, your phone number and a current email address, We will respond with our availability date and time. You will receive an email confirmation along with your Invoice to pay. All Invoices should be paid for upon receipt in order to retain your appointment. 
  3. 3rd New Option: Purchase your Shapely FatFreeze by Apple Pay by texting for those of you who have Apple Phones. (Most Popular) 
  4. 4th New Option: Now offering 60 DAY LAY-AWAY PLAN. Pay the 1st half payment the 1st month and the 2nd half of the payment is due the next month or by the end of the 60 day period, You will receive an email confirmation along with your 2 Invoices pre-dated for both payments and expiration due date. 

Thank you for choosing Shapely Body & Beauty Spa!

Live Demo Freezing 2 Areas on Tummy No Pain Shapley Freeze

Our FatFreeze Handles is a 4 n 1 Freeze handle. 1st  Freezing the fat cells destroys the cell permanently so they never fill back up again with cholesterol or triglycerides from foods. 2nd  the blue lights helps to break down the fatty acids.3rd the vibration helps disturb the fats by waking, breaking, loosening them up from the connective tissues.4th the vacuum pumps the toxins to your lymphatic system, and then quickly sends them to your waste system, your poop, pee or sweat out the toxins.

Live Demo Fat Freezing Thighs While Sitting down

Our FatFreeze Handles is a 4 n 1 Freeze handle. 1st  Freezing the fat cells destroys the cell permanently so they never fill back up again with cholesterol or triglycerides from foods. 2nd  the blue lights helps to break down the fatty acids.3rd the vibration helps disturb the fats by waking, breaking, loosening them up from the connective tissues.4th the vacuum pumps the toxins to your lymphatic system, and then quickly sends them to your waste system, your poop, pee or sweat out the toxins.


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

About Us

Non-Invasive Shapley Fat Freezing Treatments

We are the Best Alternative for Liposuction and/or Coolsculpturing.

The best way to achieve a younger and better looking body without plastic surgery is with our Award Winning Shapely FatFreeze procedure there is No Pain, No Cutting, No Downtime, No Frozen Skin, return back to work or to your regular work-outs as soon as you leave our office. 

Get your winter body ready for your summer body, so if you are near a your weight lost goal, we can help you get off that plateau and melt those last few stubborn pockets away.

Your Investment in Good Health

Your FatFreeze is your Investment in your body and good health so we recommend some type of diet and daily activities to keep you moving, so that the remaining fat cells do not expand. Staying active helps to maintain a healthy body weight, keeps the body tone and to prevent skin sagging. Working hard to stay healthy and in shape is an awesome LifeStyle Change and we are here to help you with that change. We keep our prices afforable for Mainstream America and use the highest quality and more advanced freeze machine in the industry. 

Our machine  is customized by our own manufacture so there is nothing like our Power House Freeze Machine in the industry that will give you the best possible results, without freezing the skin or surgery. 

Our Same Day Results photos reflect the power and effectiveness of our Shapely Body Power House All Mighty Fat Freeze Machine! 

Please Note: Not every customer will receive SameDayResults, Results will VARY depening on the person body fat but the results will continue over the next 6 months and if the fat is thick it may take more than one treatment to break down the layers of fat so you can get to your desired shape. We ask that you have realistic expections in mind. 

Are you a good Candidate for the Shapely Freeze?

What makes you a good candidate for the Shapely FatFreeze? If you are  healthy, plateau stage in your workout plan, have stubborn fat areas that diet or exercise won't get rid of, or within a few pounds of your weight lost goals, then you will be a good candidate for our Shapely Freeze Program. 

We Do Not want you to waste your money or time if we believe our program will not benefit you. Please read this information below every carefully! 

  • This program Will Not benefit you, if you are extremely overweight. This program is not a treatment for obesity. If the area or skin is excessively or extremely enlarged, protruding, sagging or hanging than our services may not be beneficial to you. Our Shapely Fatfreezes will reduce the fat in that spot immediately, which will cause the skin to sag or hang even more.

  • Leta' use the Arms for example, if the back of the arms are very large or heavy, enlarged with hanging  skin and if our machine removes the fat that same day, the back of the ams will hang even more. Yes we do offer skin tighten but  not for overly drooping skin. Once we remove the fat from the back of the arm, the  skin may have to be surgically removed,  Please consult your Dr. before you start anytime of  fat reducing program, 

  • The skin tightening that we offer is unable to tighten extremely sagging or droopy skin. Please consult with your   Dr. or physician first before starting any type treatment.

  • If you are still unsure if our treatments can benefit you please text  your photo of the area that you wish to be treated to (919) 525-7900 and within 24 hours one our managing technician will advise you if our services can benefit you. 

  • Please keep this in mind that we ask each customer to come with reasonable expectations when it comes to your results because everybody body is different and all fat is not created equal. 

Please Click here on our  FAQ Section for our frequently asked questions.

Consultations & Appointment Reminders

  • All consultations are free via FaceTime, Line, or WhatsApp.  
  • At this time we Do Not accept Walk-In appointments for our Shapely Fat Freezes nor Walk-In consultations.
  • Please text or call us at 919-525-7900 for your free consultation or if you have any questions or concerns. 
  • Appointment Reminders: Before you book your appointment please remember NO SOLICITATIONS, NO BARTERING ALLOWED,  NO TRESPASSING  from PAWN REPRESENATIVES from other Fat Freeze companies. We Reserve the Right to Refuse Anyone at Anytime for Any Reason. (this policy is strictly & legally enforced )
  • Office Security: We have security cameras and for security purposes will make copy of a current ID for each client.

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